Simon Pegg will star in Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose, a dark comedy.


Simon Pegg has agreed to play Nandor Fodor in The Talking Mongoose. The actor has landed the lead role, portraying Nandor Fodor, the famous Hungarian-American parapsychologist.

The film’s plot is based on the true story of Fodor, who traveled to the Isle of Man to confirm or deny the existence of Jeff, a talking mongoose who lives on James Irving’s farm. Nandor wrote a book called “Between Two Worlds” about his investigation. Despite the fact that he had never seen the animal, he was convinced that it existed.

Along with Pegg, the tape will feature Minnie Driver (“Good Will Hunting,” “The Phantom of the Opera”), Tim Downey (“The King’s Speech,” “Good Omens”), Ruth Connell (“The Doom Patrol”), and Paul Kay (“Game of Thrones”). ( Adam Segal, who is relatively unknown, will direct and write the film.


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