Shikanoin Heizo, the first male hero with a catalyst, will appear in Genshin Impact.


Apparently, it will be added in update 2.8.

Apparently, it will be added in update 2.8.

Genshin Impact will have the first male hero with a catalyst - Shikanoin Heizo

The developers of Genshin Impact unexpectedly announcednew hero. Shikanoin Heizo will be an anemo hero, and the rarity of the character has not been revealed.

According to Lumie insider, Shikanoin Heizo will becomeThe first male character to wield a catalyst in the game’s history. This weapon was previously only available to females.

The developers did not say when the new hero will be released. Typically, the miHoYo studio announces the characters that will be included in the next patch; Shikanoin Heizo will most likely be included with update 2.8.

Due to the Shanghai lockdown, miHoYo is now preparing to release update 2.7. The patch is expected to be released towards the end of May or the beginning of June.

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