Russian voice acting in an excerpt from the Atomic Heart cutscene


This creature appears to be both a beast and our protagonist.

This creature appears to be both a beast and our protagonist.

PEOPLE, LARISA: an excerpt from the Atomic Heart cutscene with Russian voice acting

Atomic Heart, an action adventure game set in an alternate version of the Soviet Union, is currently recording Russian voice acting at Studio Mundfish. The developers, for example, shared an excerpt from a scene in which a character expresses his displeasure with Larisa.

Situation: a certain villain smashed everything around him before being neutralized, but Larisa continues to look after him. This does not sit well with Larisa’s interlocutor, but the young lady clarifies her position: she is a doctor.

Please note that we are already familiar with Larisa. The girl appeared in the latest trailer for Atomic Heart, acting alongside the main character. The beast that crushed people appears to be the protagonist of the game, as he appears in the trailer with a similar entourage.

At the end of 2022, Atomic Heart will be released on PC and two generations of consoles.

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