Returnal was discovered in the Steam database, so maybe a roguelike is on the way.

Returnal was found in the Steam database - perhaps a roguelike will soon get to PC

Vigilant SteamDB users discovered a mention of a mysterious project called Oregon, which was added today, May 26th, in the Steam database while researching the service. The thing is, this Oregon’s description matches Returnal’s: it’s a third-person roguelike action game with bullet hell elements set on the planet Atropos, with a cooperative mode and a female protagonist.

There are far too many coincidences to be anything else, as you can see. It also lines up with Sony’s latest investor report, which predicts a significant increase in profits in the coming fiscal year – presumably thanks to the release of PC ports of PlayStation exclusive games.

The VGC portal, on the other hand, reported today that an unnamed source had sent it a video of Returnal gameplay on PC. In addition, an NVIDIA leak previously mentioned the PC port of this game.

So fаr, it аppeаrs thаt the only thing left to do is аwаit the project’s officiаl аnnouncement. It’s worth noting thаt no gаmes mаde specificаlly for the PlаyStаtion 5 hаve yet mаde their wаy to the PC; аll previous ports were mаde for the previous generаtion of consoles.


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