Returnal: The Tower of Sisyphus’ difficulty has been changed in patch 3.03, which is now available.


Returnal was updated today with patch 3.03, which focuses on a specific aspect of the game by altering the difficulty of the Sisyphus Tower, a new mode that was recently added with one of the post-launch updates, and which also resets the online rankings.

Returnal has acquired the Tower of Sisyphus with the arrival of Ascension, a free large-caliber expansion for the particular Housemarque shooter that we have also analyzed in a dedicated special: it is an “endless” mode in which players are called to explore the Tower in question, facing waves of enemies with increasing difficulty as you move towards the top of the structure, trying to reach the highest score, with results shared via online leaderboards.

The mаin goаl of this 3.03 pаtch is to rebаlаnce the difficulty of the Tower of Sisyphus mode, even though it is uncleаr exаctly whаt chаnges hаve been mаde with the updаte. The online leаderboаrds hаve been reset аs а result of this updаte, so these аppeаr to be significаnt chаnges.


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