Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and other games were announced for the updated PS Plus subscription.


Sony has revealed the games that will be included in the upgraded PS Plus subscription when it launches. It will be available in Europe on June 23, and in Russia on June 22 (although this is debatable due to sanctions).

In Russia, the release of updated subscription plans is still uncertain. However, now that PS Plus is operational, other plans should be available in addition to PS Plus Premium. The only stumbling block will be payment.

Existing PS Plus subscribers will receive the PS Plus Essential plan, with the option to upgrade to other plans for a fee.

Let’s get to the games now. This is only a small portion of them.

They may become mandatory for all new games after the subscription is released.

They are available for download. The resolution and frame rate will be improved.

The network previously hаd а price leаk for а new subscription, but this hаs yet to be confirmed. It is too eаrly to discuss the lаunch of the updаted PS Plus in Russiа on June 22 due to sаnctions аnd the “militаry speciаl operаtion” in Ukrаine.


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