Ravenholm, the canceled Half-Life 2 spin-off from Arkane Studios, has an hour of gameplay.


Danny O’Dwyer, the creator of the Noclip YouTube channel, has released an hour of gameplay from Arkane Studios’ Ravenholm, a canceled Half-Life spin-off.

The game was mentioned in a documentary about the Arkane Studios team on the same channel, but there was very little gameplay at the time. The branch was created between the years of 2006 and 2007.

Adrian Shepherd, the Opposing Force’s main character, was supposed to be Ravenholm. New weapons, such as a nail gun and a plasma gun, were planned, as well as new electrical puzzles and a plot in which Father Gregory transforms into a mutant after consuming “juice” pumped up by headcrabs.

The project was canceled, according to Rafael Colantonio, Arkane’s former CEO. Valve was rumored to be looking for a team that could create a new Half-Life game for less money than its own.

It seemed to be аt first, but Arkаne simply couldn’t meet the deаdline. Vаlve would not hаve benefited if she hаd been permitted to finish the project.


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