Putin’s health is being questioned after the Russian leader was seen ‘not moving like he used to’ during the Victory Parade.


After political analysts began to notice changes in his appearance since he resumed public duty following the Coronavirus pandemic, Vladimir Putin has sparked health concerns. During the health crisis, Russia’s leader effectively vanished from public view, and it was only recently that he was photographed surrounded by his aides, albeit at a safe distance. Putin appeared “puffy” and struggled to move “freely” as he walked around the Victory Day parade in Moscow on Monday, according to Lord Dannatt.

“I was really just commenting on how President Putin looked,” Lord Dannatt explained.

“He doesn’t appear to be moving as freely and easily as he has in the past.”

“I believe we’ve all agreed that he appeared puffy around the eyes and mouth.

“I’m not sure how well or badly he’s doing; there have been rumors that he has cancer of some sort.”

“I’m not sure.” Will the replacement be any better if he gets run over by a bus, metaphorically or literally?”



Oliver Barker

Est né à Bristol et a grandi à Southampton. Il est titulaire d'un baccalauréat en comptabilité et économie et d'une maîtrise en finance et économie de l'Université de Southampton. Il a 34 ans et vit à Midanbury, Southampton.

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