PSCO was murdered in Kent woodland by a loner, according to Julia James.


Callum Wheeler used a railway jack to kill the 53-year-old, Canterbury Crown Court heard.

The incident occurred near Mrs James’ home in Snowdown, Kent, in April of last year.

When Wheeler was arrested, the court heard him tell officers, “sometimes I do things that I can’t control,” as well as, “you can’t go into the woods and expect to be safe.”

He also told a police officer that he would return to the woods and rape and kill a woman, and that Mrs James deserved to die, according to the court.

The 22-year-old male was seen roaming the countryside wielding the weapon the day before Mrs James’ death, jurors were told.

Mrs James had previously seen Wheeler in the same location and described him as “a really weird dude” to her husband.

The day after Mrs James was murdered, gamekeeper Gavin Tucker recorded and photographed Wheeler walking around with the murder weapon stuffed in his bag.



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