PS5 uploads will take just one second, while PC uploads will take up to 22 seconds.


On the PS5, uploads will be almost instantaneous: according to the developers, they will last less than a second, whereas on a PC, depending on the hardware, it could take up to twenty-two seconds.

“Thanks to dedicated hardware, PlayStation 5 offers incredibly fast loading times,” said technical director Teppei Ono. However, users with a PC equipped with an M.2 SSD will be able to enjoy the gameplay without worrying about loading. “

Forspoken, which has been postponed until October 11, will use cutting-edge technologies like AMD FSR and DirectStorage, with the former also available in the PS5 version for upscaling capable of maintaining the experience’s graphic quality.

As previously stated, the game will feature three graphics modes on PS5, focusing on resolution, performance, and ray tracing, and thanks to the Super Resolution 2.0 support, it will be difficult to tell them apart in terms of detail.

The PC version, on the other hаnd, will include а number of tweаks аnd the аforementioned Super Resolution 2.0 to scаle the experience down to less powerful configurаtions.


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