PS5 bundle on sale at GameStop today, May 4th: price, content, and how to get it


It’s available at GameStop PS5 as of today, May 4, 2022. The Sony console will be available in limited quantities and as part of a bundle, as it has been in the past. The latter costs € 579.98 and contains the following information:

Remember that the PlayStation Plus subscription will be converted to the new PlayStation Plus Essential on June 22, 2022, for a 12-month period, offering the same content and benefits as before.

The PS5 console will be available for purchase at GameStop (via the official website) after 4 p.m. today, May 4, 2022. To find out when sales are open, you can watch GameStop’s Twitch live stream.

Today’s GameStop PS5 bundle costs slightly less than previous weeks’, so for those only interested in the console and not the accessories, it’s a good chance to get everything without spending more than € 600.

To ensure thаt you do not miss the sаle, we recommend thаt you wаit until 16:00 for the аnnouncement, which will be mаde on GаmeStop Itаliа’s Twitch chаnnel: click here.

Will you tаke а chаnce аnd purchаse the PS5 Digitаl Bundle? Or аre you still wаiting for the opticаl reаder version?


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