Poison Ivy cosplay by cassandracosplays is all natural.


Let’s take a look at this cosplay of Poison Ivy, one of Batman’s antagonists, which focuses on the character’s most natural aspect, namely, his deep connection to nature and greenery. Is there a better outfit than leaves, after all? Evidently not for cassandracosplays.

Given that Poison Ivy is a character who has had multiple interpretations and versions over the years, it’s difficult to comment on the rigor or otherwise of the cosplayer’s costume. The most iconic version of the character was chosen in this case, the one in which she is in symbiosis with the environment.

The end result is very exciting and has a strong visual impact, thanks to the photo’s location, which is ideal for highlighting the character’s main characteristics.

Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff created the character Poison Ivy. Pamela Lillian Isley, a scientist with a poisonous touch and the ability to control plant life, assumed the criminal name in the Batman comics in 1966.


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