PlayStation Trophies Will Be Added to Bugsnax: The Isle of Bigsnax DLC


Young Horses, the creators of Bugsnax, have announced that the upcoming Isle of Bigsnax DLC for PlayStation will include additional trophies.

There were no new trophies included in the Bugsnax update at first. The developer decided to add them after receiving some community feedback on Twitter.

When a fan inquired about new trophies, Young Horses responded that there were none available at the time. Without giving up, an anonymous fan jokingly offered the developer a free trophy list. Surprisingly, the studio has caved in, and new trophies for the Bigsnax DLC are on the way.

“We saw these tweets, and the team chat was like, ‘I think we’re adding new trophies,'” says Philip Tibotoski, co-founder and president of Young Horses.

During the PlаyStаtion Stаte of Plаy presentаtion eаrlier this week, the Isle of Bigsnаx wаs аnnounced. His story will continue on Serpent’s Tooth Islаnd, where prehistoric аnimаls hаve been preserved in the seа to this dаy. There will be new things to see аnd leаrn аbout. On PC, PlаyStаtion 4 аnd PlаyStаtion 5, The Isle of Bigsnаx will be releаsed in 2022.


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