PlayStation Plus: in May, a surprise bonus will be available for free on PS4 and PS5.


In May 2022, a new surprise appeared for all PlayStation Plus subscribers, which is available for a limited time and is in addition to the other benefits of the month: the Odyssey Combat Pack for Call of Duty: Warzone.

In addition to the monthly free games for PS4 and PS5, which in this case are FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, and Curse of the Dead Gods, Sony has also released this new Call of Duty: Warzone bundle, or the Odyssey Combat Pack, which you can find at this address on the PlayStation Store.

The free bundle includes the following items, which are only available to PlayStation Plus subscribers:

It’s standard practice for PlayStation Plus to offer a variety of add-on packs and bundles as a monthly bonus to subscribers, in which case the gift is redeemable for a limited time, most likely until the end of May or the beginning of June, though no exact date has been set.

The lаunch of Seаson 3 of Cаll of Duty: Vаnguаrd аnd Cаll of Duty: Wаrzone coincides with the releаse of the gаme.


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