Players will be surprised by the story additions in Dying Light 2.


In an interview with WCCFTech, lead designer Timon Smektala said that Dying Light 2 players will be pleasantly surprised by the planned story DLCs. The first of them can be finished even before the main quest is completed.

Its story will unfold in parallel and tell the story of a location outside of Villedor, with the player’s choices influencing the plot. From the moment you arrive in the city, you will be able to start a new story.

Timon commented on the plot of the DLC:

I’ve read some player speculation, but I have yet to come across a single correct theory. As a result, I’m hoping that this addition will please people.

Smektala also revealed that two story expansions will be released this year, with Techland concentrating on online content the following year. Improvements to cooperative mechanics and new modes are still in the works for the developers. We should not wait for the cut locations to return in the DLC, according to Smektala.

Dying Light 2 will receive five yeаrs of support. Techlаnd, а Wаrsаw-bаsed studio, is developing а fаntаsy gаme bаsed on the new IP.

Dying Light 2 is out now on PC, PlаyStаtion 4, PlаyStаtion 5, Xbox One, аnd Xbox 360.


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