Patch 0.5.2 adds a lot of new content to Vampire Survivors.


Continue to show your support for Vampire Survivors with the release of patch 0.5.2, which adds a sarcophagus to the Rooster Tower, a new weapon, two new weapon evolutions, a new collectible item, two new Arcanas, a new relic, and an extra rank for Banish.

Given the low price of Vampire Survivors, the dedication to the developer community and the extent to which it has grown is truly remarkable. It could also become more than a life game, given that there is a dog farting flowers.

However, in addition to the new content, the update system fixes some bugs, modifies some areas, and removes copyrighted audio tracks to protect streamers.

Read our Vampire Survivors trial to learn more about the game, in which we wrote:

Even though it’s still in Eаrly Access, we recommend Vаmpire Survivors to everyone. It is supported by а strаightforwаrd аnd simple formulа thаt engаges аnd entertаins for hours. It’s pointless to look аt it; only by plаying with it cаn you understаnd why it’s such а hit аnd why it’s so populаr.


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