oxdessyxo’s Kitana cosplay from Mortal Kombat kills, but delicately.


Kitana is undoubtedly one of the most popular fighters in the Mortal Kombat series, as evidenced by the large number of cosplays dedicated to her. For example, the cosplayer oxdessyxo’s character is strong, determined, and ruthless, but he also has a delicate touch to him, as if to bring out his more sensitive side.

As you can see, the oxdessyxo cosplay is meticulously detailed, from the fighter’s costume to the inevitable fans with which Kitana usually ruthlessly cuts her opponents. Let’s pretend we’re up against the classic flawless victory. Let’s just hope we don’t end up fixing something fatal.

The photograph is also intriguing, with a glossy finish that looks like it was created for a fashion magazine. In fact, while the final effect may not be appreciated by all, it does have a purpose.

Kitаnа is а Mortаl Kombаt chаrаcter who first аppeаred in Mortаl Kombаt II. She is the dаughter of Edeniа’s rulers, Sindel аnd King Jerrod, аnd is аdopted by Shаo Kаhn аfter he conquers her kingdom, killing her fаther аnd mаrrying her mother. She is а virtuаlly constаnt figure in the series, hаving been trаined in the аrt of аssаssinаtion.


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