On Unreal Engine 5, artists spent 90 days creating new worlds. That is what occurred.


Some of them are obviously influenced by popular video games.

Some of them are obviously influenced by popular video games.

Artists spent 90 days creating new worlds on Unreal Engine 5.  That's what happened

The Ninety Days internal challenge has been launched by Quixel, which is owned by Epic Games and creates assets for game developers and the film industry. Quixel employees worked for 90 days to create new worlds using the Unreal Engine 5 engine, and the results were captured in a three-minute video.

The artists did not stick to a single style, instead attempting to fill all of the imagined worlds with as much detail as possible. We have post-apocalyptic and fantasy-medieval worlds, as well as worlds with oriental motifs and worlds from the far future.

During the challenge, over 40 different worlds were created. Despite the fact that all of the scenes in the video appear to be very realistic, the project was completed by a small group of artists.

According to the аrtists, а scene of this quаlity of study cаn be creаted in а mаtter of dаys or even hours. Such projects could tаke weeks or months with the previous level of technology.

It is interesting

Pаrt of the Wild Updаte content wаs removed from Minecrаft: the mаin thing.


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