On the set of “Moon Knight,” Goddess Tawart poses for a photo.


The goddess’s ship, on which the heroes sail, is an added bonus.

The goddess’s ship, on which the heroes sail, is an added bonus.

Goddess Tawart on the set of

Mark and Steven met the Egyptian goddess Taurt, who sees the dead souls off to the afterlife, in the most recent episodes of Moon Knight. Antonia Salib, an actress from the United Kingdom, played Tawart.

Despite the fact that Tawart was created using CGI and appears as an anthropomorphic hippo in the series, Salib remained on set. The actress shared a few photos from the set of the film with Tawart.

They made a goddess costume and a life-size replica head for Salib, as it turned out. The actress arrived on set dressed in a suit and holding her head in her hands, directing Oscar Isaac’s gaze.

At the same time, a portion of the scenery of the ship Taurt, on which Mark and Stephen sailed to the afterlife, was visible. The “Moon Knight’s” decorators recreated the ship’s deck and exterior, at least in part.

Moon Knight will end on Mаy 4 with its finаl episode. Tаwаrt might аlso show up.

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The first shots of “Avаtаr 2”: photo


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