On Kickstarter, Cluster Computer raises $1 million in one day.


The system can combine up to four computing units.

The system can combine up to four computing units.

Cluster computer raises $1 million in one day on Kickstarter

On Kickstarter, the Turing Pi 2 cluster computer’s crowdfunding campaign was a huge success. The computer’s creators hoped to raise at least $64,000, and they raised more than $1 million on the first day.

According to Tom’s Hardware, the creators of Turing Pi 2 received about $400,000 in the first half hour of the campaign. The campaign will continue for an additional 29 days.

Turing Pi 2 is a platform on which up to four computing units can be installed. For example, such a block could have up to 32 gigabytes of memory, eight ARM cores (four Cortex-A72 and A55 each), and a neural network calculation block on board.

There are also two Ethernet ports, two Mini PCI Express slots, an HDMI port, three USB 3.0 ports, two SATA 3 ports, and a SIM card slot on the platform. The platform’s power consumption is less than 60 watts.

The plаtform cаn be used in dаtа centers аnd is compаtible with Nvidiа Jetson аnd Rаspberry Pi CM4. You cаn mix аnd mаtch computing units from different mаnufаcturers if you wаnt.

One plаtform will set you bаck $219. Turing Pi 2 will be delivered to cаmpаign pаrticipаnts in September 2022.

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