On a modern PC, the very first Unreal Engine demo was launched: video.


The old demo didn’t get along well with the new hardware.

The old demo didn’t get along well with the new hardware.

The very first demo of Unreal Engine launched on a modern PC: video

Epic Games recently released the fifth version of the Unreal Engine, which includes a number of ground-breaking features. YouTuber Cycu1 took this opportunity to go back to the beginning and recall the engine’s first version.

Epic Games released a technology demonstration in 1995 to demonstrate the advantages of their technology. A YouTuber discovered this demo after 27 years and played it on a modern PC with a GeForce RTX 3080.

It was discovered that the 1995 model’s technologies are not fond of modern hardware or operating systems. The Unreal Engine 5 demo agreed to only work in compatibility mode with Windows XP under Windows 11.

Even in this mode, the demo was erratic and occasionally crashed. The YouTuber, however, was able to capture several minutes of gameplay, which included a walk through dark dungeons and sprite torches.

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