Nvidia video cards’ LHR restrictions have been lifted by miners.


Finally, miners can rejoice. Despite the fact that cryptocurrency prices have been declining since November 2021, the “diggers” have reason to celebrate. NiceHash, a mining platform, claimed to have overcome the 30 series of Nvidia graphics cards’ LHR limitations.

LHR stands for Lite Hash Rate, which is a weakened hash rate that first appeared on video cards a year ago. Nvidia introduced it to combat miners who were buying up video cards, causing an already scarce supply of GPUs to become even more scarce.

This technology reduces the number of cryptocurrencies produced by half. They attempted to bypass it several times but were unable to achieve 100% power. NiceHash has now bypassed LHR V1 and V2, but has yet to reach V3 on the RTX 3050 and RTX 3080 with 12 GB.

LHR unlock

According to, the RTX 3080 Ti is now capable of reaching 117 MH/s, up from 88 MH/s with previous LHR unlocks.

However, don’t expect аll video cаrds to vаnish from store shelves overnight. Mining hаs become less profitаble due to the drop in cryptocurrency prices, so demаnd for video cаrds from “diggers” hаs dropped significаntly.


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