Nvidia video cards have completely removed the mining speed limiter for the first time.


This time, there will be no viruses or backdoors.

This time, there will be no viruses or backdoors.

For the first time, Nvidia video cards completely removed the mining speed limiter

The QuickMiner miner, created in the interests of the NiceHash platform, has successfully removed the mining speed limiter from GeForce RTX video cards for the first time. This was revealed by the miner’s creators themselves.

With NiceHash QuickMiner and LHR graphics cards, you can now make more money than with any other mining software on the market. NiceHash Miner support will be available soon.

It was not specified how the restriction was lifted. Miners could previously use video cards with LHR limiters at 70-80% of peak power; in most cases, multiple cryptocurrencies were mined at the same time.

Furthermore, flashing could be used to increase the hashrate of some video cards, such as the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. The NiceHash solution does not necessitate flashing the video card.

The restriction hаs been lifted, аccording to comments in the NiceHаsh VKontаkte group. However, you cаn only get 100% performаnce in the miner’s releаse cаndidаte, not in the finаl version.

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