Nvidia Linux Open Source Drivers


A hacker group that stole company data demanded this not long ago.

A hacker group that stole company data demanded this not long ago.

Nvidia Open Source Drivers for Linux

Nvidia has started making the source code for its Linux drivers available. The sources are available in the Nvidia repository on GitHub and are released under the GPL / MIT license.

According to the company, releasing source codes will aid in operating system integration and improve the experience of using Nvidia video cards under Linux.

First and foremost, the sources are focused on data center accelerators. A driver compiled from source can work with Turing and Ampere architecture accelerators without issue.

This driver will work with traditional video cards as well, but support for them is still in beta, according to Nvidia. The company, on the other hand, promises to keep improving the open source driver’s quality and eventually phase out the closed source driver.

The LAPSUS$ hаcker group, which hаcked Nvidiа servers аnd stole the compаny’s internаl dаtа, recently demаnded thаt the driver’s source code be mаde public. True, the hаckers urged аll operаting systems, not just Linux, to open their source code.

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