Nintendo Switch outperforms the 3DS in Japan, with Nintendo Switch Sports taking the lead.


In terms of total sales in Japan, Nintendo Switch surpassed Nintendo 3DS, while Nintendo Switch Sports debuted at the top of the software rankings.

While waiting for Famitsu’s top 10 full japanese draft, which is expected this week, Nintendo Switch scores another overtake at home after overtaking Wii internationally.

In Japan, the hybrid console has sold 24.6 million units in five years, whereas the Nintendo 3DS took twice as long to reach the same level of sales. The Nintendo DS, with 32.86 million units, is the next target.

Returning to Nintendo Switch Sports (review), the Japanese launch was a success, with 190,000 copies sold, but we’re still a long way off from the 354,000 copies sold in 2009 for Wii Sports Resort.

As a result, it appears that Nintendo’s ambitions to make the game the new Wii Sports will take longer than expected to materialize. Unless the athlete has made a big splash in the West.


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