My Dress-Up Darling: Win_winry’s Marin cosplay is ready for summer.


Reinterpretations of My Dress-Up Darling have become a new mass phenomenon among cosplayers, as demonstrated here by marin cosplay from Win_winry, which features the protagonist in a bathing suit.

As we’ve seen, this is one of the current events in which Marin is frequently depicted by cosplayers, with an interpretation in this case that is truly convincing, with Win_winry accurately incorporating the protagonist’s typical bikini and hair, without the need to add anything else.

The series in question is about cosplay, so it’s as if it’s already predisposed to these kinds of reinterpretations, creating a paradoxical situation: My Dress-Up Darling tells the story of protagonist Marin, a girl obsessed with this hobby who finally achieves his dream.

Given that these cosplays play on the subject of the animated series, we could call them “meta” cosplay, which creates an odd situation. In this case, Win_winry’s interpretation brings us closer to the summer spirit that has arrived.

Mаrin is the protаgonist of My Dress-Up Dаrling, а young womаn who becomes а cosplаy expert аfter meeting Wаkаnа Gojo, а gifted tаilor who will аssist her in creаting clothing in а vаriety of styles.


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