“Multiverse of Madness” was supposed to feature Daniel Craig.


But, in order to avoid contracting the coronavirus, he abandoned the project.

But, in order to avoid contracting the coronavirus, he abandoned the project.

Media: Daniel Craig was supposed to play in the

John Krasinski played Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four in one of the superhero cameos in Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness. Originally,claimsDaniel Craig was supposed to play this role, according to Deadline editor Justin Kroll.

Craig agreed to play Reed Richards, according to Kroll, but then the pandemic struck. After some consideration, the actor decided that he did not want to take any chances.

Justin Kroll


Krasinski was not the first person to be considered for the role. The actor had been cast and was ready to shoot when the COVID outbreak occurred.

He declined because he lives in London and didn’t think the quick shoot was worth the risk of bringing COVID into his family.

Craig’s daughter was only two years old when the “Multiverse of Madness” was shot, according to Kroll.

The journаlist did not sаy whether they plаn to use аctors from the Multiverse of Mаdness in projects thаt feаture different versions of the sаme chаrаcters. Mаrvel hаs yet to reveаl whаt the future holds for John Krаsinski аnd the rest of the MCU cаst.

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