More than analysts expected, Disney Plus has added 7.9 million new subscribers.


The operating profit of the company also exceeded expectations.

The operating profit of the company also exceeded expectations.

Disney Plus gains another 7.9 million subscribers, more than analysts expected

The results for the previous quarter were generally better than expected by analysts. The company’s revenue was $19.2 billion, with a $3.7 billion operating profit.

Analysts predicted $20.1 billion in revenue and $3.3 billion in profit. Furthermore, analysts grossly underestimated the number of new Disney Plus subscribers.

In a quarter, the service was expected to attract 4.5-5 million subscribers. In reality, their population grew by 7.9 million people. The increase in subscribers came despite Netflix, a competitor to Disney Plus, experiencing its first audience drop in ten years.

Netflix, on the other hand, continues to lead in terms of total subscribers, with 222 million subscribers. Disney Plus now has 137.7 million subscribers.

Revenue per subscriber increased as well, according to Disney’s report, at least in the United States. Previously, the company earned $6.01 per subscriber, but this figure increased to $6.32 in the last quarter.

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