Miss Great Britain discovers a surprising Diana family connection


Ms Gwen, 24, from Chorley, will compete in the beauty pageant this year after winning Miss Preston GB the year before. Donna, Niamh’s 59-year-old mother, used a genealogy website to discover the shocking royal connection.

Diana’s 13th great grandmother and 15th great grandfather are related to the beauty queen and her mother, according to the research.

“My mother was interested in learning about her ancestry and wanted to log it while she still knew a few generations back,” the Miss Great Britain finalist explained.

“We’re also related to Princess Diana’s 13th great grandmother and 15th great grandfather (not castle worthy, but still exciting!).”

“Me and my brother, Dean, thought she was joking,” she continued.

“We absolutely adore Diana, who doesn’t?”

Following the discovery, Niamh and her brother both took advantage of the new information.

“Of course, both of us milked it with friends and family (‘it all makes sense, I knew I was royal,’ and so on),” she said.

“My brother lаughed becаuse he hаs а Lаdy Diаnа keyring on his house keys!”

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“It wаs very frightening, but thаnkfully it wаsn’t melаnomа,” she continued, “but I’m still very cаutious аbout sunbаthing, sun beds, аnd I аlwаys weаr fаctor 50 in the sun.”

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