Microsoft Says Xbox Series Overtakes PS5 Competitor in Sales

Microsoft Says Xbox Series Overtakes PS5 Competitor in Sales

Almost eternal by the standards of the gaming industry, the struggle between the consoles from Sony and Microsoft with the advent of the new generation of consoles has entered a new stage.

Curiously, if the previous generation with a devastating score remained with the PlayStation, with the current generation, Microsoft managed to turn the tide in their favor thanks to the shortage of PS5 and the corny much lower selling price of consoles.

As a result, Microsoft’s report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2022 (it ended at the end of March) states that, along with successful sales of consoles, it was also possible to increase both revenue and net profit (by 18% and 8%, respectively), which brought companies 49.4 and 16.7 billion dollars.

The largest contributor to these astronomical sums was made by cloud technologies such as Azure and Microsoft Cloud – there is a rapid demand for them. Of the company’s major products and services, only the Office suite showed a decline in sales, down 28%.

As for the purely gaming segment, revenue here increased by 6% and amounted to 3.74 billion. Already 81% of this amount is the share of content and services, however, the consoles mentioned above exceeded the manufacturer’s expectations and increased sales by 14% compared to the same segment last year.


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