Michael Pakter: If Sony is smart, it will compete with WB Games for the rights to its games.


Michael Pakter, a game analyst, responded to reports that Discovery is considering selling assets to WB Games, such as game studios and franchises. He maintained his anti-Sony stance yet again.

Sony would have made a move toward Warner Bros. if they had been really smart. playable Without the rights to use the DC Comics franchises, it isn’t worth the full price. So it’s still unclear whether Warner Bros. will be able to compete. has been completed. Fix the price of the license that is paid for these rights to, say, $5 million a year, $50 million a year, or some other amount, and guarantee that it will be renewed indefinitely.

Purchasing studios isn’t feasible without the rights to games based on the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or DC comics, according to Pakter. He singled out the comic book superhero film Injustice, but this is an outlier.

There have been rumors that Warner Bros. will sell its game division. No one has said anything.


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