Lord Frost says Boris will act on the dreaded protocol, causing “economic damage.”


It comes after a Foreign Office source claimed in an article for The Times that the Northern Ireland Protocol is causing “political and economic damage.” “It’s incredibly disheartening that the commission continues to adopt such a rigid and hardline negotiating position despite the political and economic damage the protocol is causing in Northern Ireland,” the source said. Lord Frost responded on Twitter, saying: “The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office “source” in The Times is absolutely correct.”

“The EU Commission’s refusal to engage in any kind of negotiation is untenable.

“Northern Ireland is not part of the EU.

“The Northern Ireland government, HMG, will have to act if the EU does not.”

“We’ve just had an election and a clear majority of that elected support the NI Protocol,” a Twitter user named Criostal Conghaile responded to Mr Frost.

In the Northern Ireland Assembly, Sinn Féin won 27 seats to the Democratic Unionist Party’s (DUP’s) 24.

It is the first nаtionаlist pаrty to gаin control of the legislаture since the stаtelet wаs formed in 1921 from the northern six counties of Irelаnd.


Oliver Barker

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