LIVE FROM THE ROYAL FAMILY: Without Kate, the monarchy would ‘crumble’ – ‘How could they survive?’


Tina Brown, author of ‘The Palace Papers: Inside The House Of Windsor – The Truth And The Turmoil,’ claims that prior to Kate’s 2011 wedding to Prince William, questions about her role within the Firm were raised.

Ms Brown, on the other hand, praised the Duchess of Cambridge for her commitment to service, claiming that other women might not have handled her situation as well.

“The question in 2011 about Kate Middleton was whether a girl from such humble beginnings could successfully evolve into a future Queen,” Ms Brown said.

“The only question now is how the House of Windsor will be able to survive without her.”

“[The Royal Family] would, I believe, crumble right now without her because she’s the only modern, beautiful woman who’s well-educated, substantial in herself, and who’s actually willing to commit herself to the rigors of this institution,” she continued. That’s something that only a few young women are capable of.”

“If she thought, like Meghаn, ‘I’m out of here, I cаn do much better,’ it would be а disаster,” Ms Brown sаid in аn interview with the Wаshington Post.



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