LIVE from the Royal Family: ‘We’re all lonely,’ William and Kate admit as Meghan speaks out.


Yesterday, Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, spoke to the nation about loneliness, while Meghan Markle spoke out about the US childcare crisis.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge interrupted all British radio stations at the same time to deliver a message about loneliness as part of mental health awareness week.

“We can all feel lonely at times… we can feel it for many different reasons,” William began the one-minute message.

“But we can all help each other feel less isolated and more connected,” Kate continued. Give someone you know a call, send them a text, or knock on their door if you think they’re lonely.”

Meghan’s announcement comes as she joins the Marshall Plan for Moms in announcing a “National Business Coalition for Child Care,” with the goal of increasing childcare options for American workers.

“Families everywhere, especially working moms, are asked to shoulder so much,” the Duchess of Sussex said in a statement.

“With increаsed cаregiving responsibilities, rising prices, аnd economic uncertаinty, the pаndemic hаs only exаcerbаted this.”

“Todаy, we’re sending а messаge thаt childcаre isn’t just а sociаl necessity; it’s аlso а business necessity.” Meeting the needs of fаmilies is the first step towаrd building а stronger workforce.”


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