Launch trailer for Evil Dead: The Game, which is out now on PC and consoles.


Evil Dead: The Game is out today on PC and consoles, and of course there had to be a trailer to promote it, with many references to Sam Raimi’s style.

The director of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which broke box office records in its opening weekend, is also the brains behind the Evil Dead film saga, and there are scenes in the film that refer to his unusual shooting style.

The game will include these and other Raimi and franchise references, as it features characters from the films The House and The Army of Darkness, as well as the television series Ash Vs. Evil Dead. The Evil Dead

“Jump into a game full of co-op and adrenaline-pumping PVP multiplayer action as Ash Williams or one of his friends from the unforgettable Evil Dead saga!” reads the official synopsis.

“Explore, loot, tаme your feаrs, аnd find the objects needed to close the portаl between two worlds аs а teаm of four survivors in а gаme inspired by the three originаl Evil Deаd films аnd the originаl STARZ series, Ash vs Evil Deаd.” “


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