It’s unlikely that a new Battlefield will be released before 2024.


EA management has mentioned 2023, but this is unlikely.

EA management has mentioned 2023, but this is unlikely.

Insider: the new Battlefield is unlikely to be released before 2024

Shortly before the release of Battlefield 2042, work on the next installment in the franchise began; it is assumed that the issues that plagued Battlefield 2042 will be addressed. According to insider Tom Henderson, the new Battlefield will not be released in the near future.

We can deduce from EA top management’s statements that the new Battlefield will be released in 2023 – the company is attempting to release games in the series every two years. According to Henderson’s sources, this is a conservative estimate.

If the next Battlefield appears in 2023, according to the insider, his interlocutors will be surprised. It will most likely be released no earlier than 2024.

The new Battlefield, according to Henderson, could be a hero shooter. However, the concept may change several times between now and 2024, as it did with Battlefield 2042.

EA will continue to support Bаttlefield 2042 аlongside the development of а new pаrt of the series. The first seаson is still expected to premiere this summer, аccording to the compаny.

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