It appears that a Terminator survival game is in the works.


How will you survive in a world ruled by brutal killer robots? What’s the harm?

How will you survive in a world ruled by brutal killer robots? What’s the harm?

Looks like a Terminator survival game is in development

The Milan division of French publisher Nacon may be working on a Terminator-themed survival game. The concept art for the studio’s new project, according to the players, indicates this.

Nacon Milan is officially working on a post-apocalyptic survival game based on “one of the most popular movie franchises in the world,” but the game’s art includes a reference to the Alamo Sport Shop from the Terminator.

Developers have become increasingly interested in the Terminator universe in recent years. The highly successful action game Terminator Resistance was released first, followed by the announcement of the Terminator Dark Fate Defiance strategy.

The gаme Nаcon Milаn аppeаrs to be in its eаrly stаges of development, аs the studio is аctively recruiting project teаm members. The gаme’s full аnnouncement is set for 2022, but no detаils on the project’s releаse window or plаtforms hаve been reveаled.

It is interesting

“Secrets of Minecrаft”: how the peаsаnts аppeаred


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