Is Masahiro Ito involved in the Silent Hill project? Here are the details that have so far been revealed.


Masahiro Ito will be collaborating on Silent Hill? This seems increasingly likely, especially in light of recent leaks about the Konami game (or, more accurately, one of the games) currently in development. Okami took stock of what had been revealed thus far.

The artwork created by Ito was originally present in the leak with the first images of Silent Hill, and this is what triggered the DMCA violation report, resulting in DuskGolem’s account being blocked.

Because the materials in question are most likely legitimate (see the copyright infringement report), the leaker’s previous claims may be accurate.

So far, what has been said? That the project is a collaborative effort involving several development teams, Sony is one of these realities, and Masahiro Ito is also involved, having made several statements on the subject.

There аre references to SMS messаges thаt connect to previous rumors аbout one of the mechаnics thаt would be seen in Hideo Kojimа’s cаnceled Silent Hills, but there аre other detаils thаt DuskGolem believes аre spoilers.


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