Is Chernobylite better on the PlayStation 5 or the PC with ray tracing? This is Digital Foundry’s analysis.


In Digital Foundry’s new technical analysis, the PS5 and PC versions of Chernobylite were compared, with special attention paid to the ray tracing quality.

Ray tracing on the Xbox Series S doesn’t work well, according to the Chernobylite developers, and the reason is apparently simple: their approach to this technology proves to be particularly difficult for hardware.

Even with DLSS enabled, an NVIDIA RTX 3090 struggles to manage the effect, let alone consoles that lack such features. Compromises had to be made on the PlayStation 5.

In particular, the PC version’s low ray tracing preset was used, and the resolution was reduced to 1512p to achieve a stable 30 frames per second. All things considered, this is an excellent result.

However, according to Alex Battaglia, there may be room for more optimization work in the future updates, so perhaps the game will run a little smoother on PS5.


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