Insider: The new Mafia mode will transport players to Sicily and discuss the founding of Salieri.

Insider: the new part of Mafia will take players to Sicily and talk about the formation of Salieri

As part of the Xbox Era podcast, authoritative insider Nick Baker shared some interesting details about the new installment of the cult Mafia series.

He confirms earlier rumors that the next game in the franchise will be a prequel to the trilogy, but adds new details that have never been revealed before.

As a result, the events of the new Mafia will take place on the Italian island of Sicily at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with the plot focusing on the formation of Don Salieri’s family, the most important character in the original game and the boss of her own protagonist.

Ennio Salieri was born in 1876 in the game universe, so he will be in his prime at the time of the upcoming game’s events.

According to Baker, the next Mafia prequel will be linear and focused on direction and game play, which is in keeping with the first two parts but not with the third.

Just in cаse, we’d like to point out thаt we’re discussing rumors rаther thаn officiаl informаtion. Bаker’s words, on the other hаnd, аre usuаlly reliаble.


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