Insider: On Silent Hill, “three and a half” games will be released.


Following the first screenshots of the new Silent Hill installment, insider Dusk Golem shared the most recent information. According to him, the universe is currently developing a “three and a half” game.

There are four in total, but there are only three in reality. This is completely accurate information.

He does not want to reveal any game details in order to keep fans’ surprises a secret. He claims that the evolution of titles has progressed even further than many people believe. Konami had only planned two games in 2018, but has since decided to stage a larger Silent Hill revival.

Another insider, NateTheHate2, reported that one of the games will be a remake of the second Silent Hill by Bloober Team (Layers of Fear, The Medium), according to unconfirmed reports. Players are anticipating new puzzles and endings, as well as the game’s temporary console exclusivity on the PlayStation.

Konami rebranded Silent Hill in mid-March, but no official announcement has been made.


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