In the ten years since its release, Diablo 3 has been played by over 65 million people.


In honor of the decade, Blizzard announced that over 65 million people have played Diablo III since its release. Although the current online action game is a long way from this figure, the result is still impressive.

Blizzard announced in August 2015 that 30 million copies of the game had been sold. The exact number is currently unknown.

At the same time, Diablo III’s developers discussed the game’s ongoing changes as well as events commemorating the tenth anniversary. For example, “The Second Nightmare,” which debuted in the title at the start of the 26th season, will now live on in perpetuity thanks to the players’ enthusiastic reception.

Furthermore, the rewards for completing all tasks will be doubled until the end of the current season. Players will receive twice as much Horadrim Treasure if they complete all five quests in one act.

Diablo III is a PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch game. On newer consoles, the game is backwards compatible.


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