In the new adaptation of the comic “Polar,” Mads Mikkelsen will reprise his role as a hitman.


Mads Mikkelsen portrayed a hitman named Black Kaiser in a Netflix film adaptation of the comic book Polaris, which was released in 2019. The tape was smashed by critics, but the creators are not giving up.

Now, all of the original cast members, including Mikkelsen, director Jonas Kerlund, and screenwriter Jason Rothwell, are working on a new adaptation of the comic.

The tape will now be known as “Black Kaiser.” This will be a new interpretation of the comic, not a sequel or prequel, according to producers Constantin Film and JB Pictures.

The plot of the comic revolves around Duncan Weasel, dubbed the Black Kaiser, one of the world’s most dangerous killers, who has decided to retire from his bloody profession. However, escaping the criminal past is not easy; Vizl will have to deal with a whole army of newly minted killers sent by his former employer.

Perhаps the new film will be the second аttempt to depict the “Polyаrny’s” mаjor events. The first instаllment received а Metаcritic score of 19/100 аnd а Rotten Tomаtoes rаting of 19% fresh. The аudience wаrmed up to the photogrаph.


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