In the Netherlands, Amazon has launched its smart speakers Echo and Echo Dot.


The Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot have been released in the Netherlands in international versions. Alexa, the digital assistant built into the smart speakers, is currently unavailable in Dutch.

Amazon Echo

In order to use Alexa, buyers will need to be able to communicate in a language other than Dutch. This is unlikely to cause any issues in the Netherlands, where many people speak English.

In September, Amazon unveiled the new Echo and Echo Dot speakers. These are round and spherical. The new Echo has a machine learning accelerator for speech recognition and other applications.

Echo has a built-in Zigbee Smart Home hub and temperature sensor, as well as high-quality sound. Rich, detailed sound that adapts to any room is delivered by powerful speakers with clear highs, dynamic mids, and deep bass.

It’s simple to set up and manage Zigbee devices with the built-in Smart Home hub. “Alexa, discover my devices,” say, turning on compatible lights, plugs, and sensors.

The Amаzon Echo is €99.99 аnd the Amаzon Echo Dot is €59.99.


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