In Australia, Skull and Bones was rated.


The problem with naked pirates appears to be solved as well.

The problem with naked pirates appears to be solved as well.

There will be no naked pirates: Skull and Bones has received a rating in Australia

Following South Korea, Australia has given Ubisoft’s pirate action game Skull and Bones an age rating. After discovering a significant amount of adult content in the game, the rating agency assigned it an M rating.

Skull and Bones, in particular, contains violence, drug use, swearing, in-app purchases, and online activities. Furthermore, the game brings up “adult themes”; the rating description does not specify what these are.

Finally, there will be a variety of sexual references. Skull and Bones is notable for its complete lack of nuance. Things don’t seem to be going any further than hints.

The fact that the game received age ratings indicates that it is complete, at least in terms of content; otherwise, the project would have to be recertified after the changes. Skull and Bones is most likely in the polishing stage right now.

The gаme will be releаsed before April 1, 2023, аccording to Ubisoft’s lаtest finаnciаl report. In September 2022, the project could be releаsed.

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