If Dying Light 3 is released, the main character will be strengthened from the start.


In Dying Light, the formula for pumping a hero has confidently migrated to the second part. You begin the game with a relatively weak character and gradually level it up. Timon Smektala, the game designer for Dying Light 2, spoke about it.

According to him, the protagonist of the next part, if it comes out, should be stronger from the start than the previous protagonists:

If we do a third installment of Dying Light, I’d like the protagonist to have more powerful and better starting abilities. When the player started with a weak hero in the second part, we took the same approach. If we take it, this is what I’d like to fix in the third part.

Dying Light 3’s release date is unknown, but given the positive reviews and strong sales of the second installment, the issue will not be resolved for a long time.

Dying Light 2 is currently available on all platforms and will be supported for several years.


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