Horizon Forbidden West: Players believe they have found a way into a DLC’s territory.


Some Horizon Forbidden West players believe they have figured out where one of the game’s future DLCs will be set. That is, they believe they have gained access to a region that will host new content, which Sony and Guerrilla Games have yet to announce.

A short video of a remote area of the map with an unidentified ruined fort and interactive ledges was posted on Reddit last week. Thinking about it, there are two possibilities: either it’s a section of the game that was cut from the final version, or it’s a DLC that hasn’t been released yet.

Of course, the area is real, so it isn’t a social construct, and attempting to cross it will result in the game telling us that we can’t go any further. Both of the outlined options are valid at the moment. However, given that Horizon Zero Dawn received DLC, it’s safe to assume that Guerrilla has something planned for Horizon Forbidden West.

You’ll hаve to wаit for officiаl аnnouncements to leаrn more in these cаses, аs is аlwаys the cаse. In the meаntime, Horizon Forbidden West is аvаilаble on PlаyStаtion 4 аnd PlаyStаtion 5.


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