Hitman 3’s roguelike Freelancer mode has been delayed until the second half of the year, but the Rocky map will be released in July.


IO Interactive has released a roadmap for Hitman 3 for May, as well as information on when the new Freelancer mode with roguelike elements will be released.

He’ll appear in Hitman 3 in the second half of the year, despite the fact that the game was supposed to be released in the spring.

The creators decided to spend more time making the mode live up to its previously stated goals. Furthermore, IO Interactive frequently conducts internal tests and distributes playable builds to key audience members, so their feedback is crucial.

Remember that there will be several missions in Freelancer where you will have to plan your actions and customize your own shelter; when Agent 47 dies, he loses all of the weapons and equipment he has collected so far.

The new Rocky map is scheduled to be released in July.

May Roadmap:

Hitmаn 3 is аvаilаble for both PC аnd consoles from the previous generаtions. Rаy trаcing support will be аdded to the steаlth аction gаme on PC on Mаy 24, аlong with а new pаtch.


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