His shots were disqualified from the competition.


The hamster-controlling player was the only one who remained.

The hamster-controlling player was the only one who remained.

Ram removed from Overwatch 2 beta: his strikes were thrown out of the game

Blizzard had to be removedone of the characters, Hammond the hamster, also known as Taran, from the Overwatch 2 test servers His punches have proven to be capable of knocking out other players.

According to test participants’ videos, driving around the map and spamming one of the character’s abilities is all that is required to activate the exploit. The rest of the players make critical errors as a result, and they are knocked out of the game.

The test servers, as Blizzard jokes, were helpless in the face of Ram’s might. The character will be returned, but the developers are unable to say when this will occur; first, you must identify and correct the error.

Next week, Ram is expected to return in the Overwatch 2 beta test.

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