He vanquishes the bosses and ascends to the throne.


We also have a nice scene with the Flow.

We also have a nice scene with the Flow.


Elden Ring has been brought to the attention of the eli_handle_b.wav channel, which is known for montages of games and characters from popular movies and TV shows. Aragorn, from The Lord of the Rings, is now the game’s main character.

Narsil has proven to be a master of Interearth’s monsters. Aragorn easily defeats bosses, summons the spirits of his slain enemies to aid him in time – yes, the Return of the King scene came in handy here – and eventually sits on the throne.

eli_handle_b.wav does not use neural networks and edits his mashups manually, as is customary. This time, The Lord of the Rings’ successful color scheme, which was ideal for Elden Ring’s bleak world, came in handy.

The YouTuber, by the way, has a few more unique videos. Think of Ash Williams from Resident Evil Village or Austin Powers from Mass Effect.

It is interesting

Elden Ring, Dаrth Vаder’s аncestor, died in the Sith Golden Age.


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